• Reporting of depositions specializing in environmental, medical malpractice and complex litigation
  • Realtime Reporting at every deposition scheduled
  • Complimentary word indexes and condensed transcripts
  • Complimentary ASCII disks, including Amicus, Summation and Page Image
  • Videotaped depositions and synchronized transcripts
  • RealLegal E-transcripts encrypted protected
  • Exhibit scanning in-house to CDs
  • Litigation-support CDs including transcripts and exhibits
  • Accessing of transcripts online at any time with log-on password
  • Scheduling of depositions online for your convenience
  • Same-day rough-edit transcripts
  • Online up-to-date calendar for deposition-intense cases

Supplemental Services

  • Spacious and comfortable conference rooms at no charge for four or twenty
  • Wireless conference rooms
  • Free parking
  • Peets Coffee and assorted pastries
  • Catered lunches if necessary